Save Ralph Community Updates:

Hello my Ralphers, just jumping here to let you know that we recently update our website for your convenience and to allow payments for our people in the US via, we also have a new page layout in which you can see on real time the amount of holders & transactions.

On the other hand, our Discord server will be up and running in the next couple of days so we will be migrating our growing community to Discord for better communication and better security, you will really enjoy the server because you will be even playing music there, is looking amazing.

For editing reasons we had to take our Carrot Paper from the site but hold tight because is coming this week with even more important information for all of you.

We are also working on our roadmap and it will be available on the website, the road map will contain important information about the future targets that we are trying to achive.

Last but not least, our community is growing strong and we are really proud of the things that will come our way, together we are better and together we will grow strong.

Until next time my fellow rabbits.

Save Ralph Team.

Introduction to the Real Meme Community Project