Hello Ralphers:

We are so exited, our community is growing currently at 818+ holders, 956 in our telegram channel, 519 in IG and 714 in Twitter but wait there’s more we are happy to inform you that CoinMarketCap has accepted our application and we are currently listed, since we are still on the presale phase you guys can’t see the data, but once we add liquidity at Pancakeswap the data will be pulled from the exchange and you will start to see our growth and your ROI for the ones investing and trusting on us.

We are extremely grateful with our Ralphers community; in just 5 days we have grown exponentially and that is thanks to you, again thank you for your trust and investment we wont let you down.

For all this great news we are happy to inform you that we are currently doing a Save Ralph Token Giveaway and you can find more information in our official Twitter page and IG.

A little update on our Carrot Paper (White Paper) it will be available early next week at our website www.saveralphtoken.com.

Thank you for your time, for your Investmet & for your trust.

Ralph to the moon!!!!!

Introduction to the Real Meme Community Project